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Shop MDB On Etsy.

These are snapshots that have not been color corrected, so enjoy the homegrown quality while you check out some of what was made for my customers in M Design Boutique this year. Happy New Year to all!







When you open your order from M Design Boutique Shops, you’ll feel treated! I put lots of thought into presentation.

Comment if you’ve ever ordered from MDB and would like to share your experience!


Favor candles for a wedding coming up. I just love this design concept!

SALE! For those of you who’ve been considering a candle from M Design Boutique…this sale is for you! Enter “CANDLE25” when you spend $25 or more in M Design Boutique (click the link) and you’ll get 25% off of your purchase of any item in the “Artisan Candle” section of my shop. Feel free to write in fragrance and color preferences at checkout. I can do blends, solids, stripes, marbled, layered color and fragrance! Customization is no extra charge. This is your chance to try out an MDB candle at a discount! CLICK HERE TO SHOP!



Great Big Candles

Summer 2014 Summer 2014 Austin Home Magazine

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Beeswax is fascinating and beautiful. These are 10" tall hand-dipped white beeswax taper candles.

Beeswax is fascinating and beautiful. These are 10″ tall hand-dipped white beeswax taper candles.


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ThisOldHouseMDB2014Looking for the candle you saw on page 36 of March 2014 “This Old House Magazine”? Click Here!

M Design Boutique’s Bamboo Pillar Candle is featured in the March 2014 edition of This Old House in the “Get This Look For Less” section. The featured look is “Patio With A Past: Textured furnishings and antiquities-inspired accents add up to a neoclassical living space” by Gillian Barth.

Gillian contacted me in October about the Bamboo Pillar Candle, which comes in any wax, any colors, and any fragrance. The samples I provided for the photoshoot are a natural soy wax blend in a creamy pale golden beige.TOHCloseUp2014To thank the readers of This Old House for visiting, from January 22, 2014 and lasting through the end of March 2014, use the coupon code “TOH2014” at checkout to get a 15% discount on the Bamboo Pillar Candle (HERE).

You can’t smell a magazine, but of course I sent along a lovely combination of bamboo hemp and driftwood. Light, nature-invoking and pretty fragrances blended to match the shape of the candle. Feel free to email info@mdesignboutique.com to request your custom fragrances/colors, or simply order and then send a message to let me know your preferences. Default will be similar to below, and with natural wood fragrances.


You can find your copy of This Old House Magazine at your local retailer, or check out their website for info about this issue!

There is also an app, and you can get it here free for 30 days (Available on iPad® & iPhone®, Windows® 8 devices, Android™ tablets and Kindle Fire™). TOHSpread2014

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