Afternoon in the M Design Boutique Studio

A January Monday in M Design Boutique’s Studio, Austin, TX.

Here’s What’s New in 2014!

Introducing Something For All Five Senses!

Eye-Catching Excitement:

    Start by visiting the online shop and behold the easy-to-browse view of the huge collection of candle shapes available in M Design Boutique. More unique shapes will be added as the year goes on. That’s one of the reasons people keep coming back to M Design Boutique!

Each candle is available in any color, any fragrance and in a variety of waxes! Come have a look!


Something Smells Amazing!:

    Every year I add new fragrances, but this year I went all-out! 165 all new fragrances have been added to the already awesome variety, please check it out here. You’ll find something for everyone’s taste…er…smell!

A few highlights include the variety of chai fragrances, ginger fragrances and tea blends. From the “Magical Realms” to “Sea, Storms & Stars” the list of beautiful scents for your enjoyment will continue to grow based on widely tested, and carefully chosen picks by yours truly. Ask around…I’m snooty about which fragrances I choose to use in my products.

Did You Hear?

    M Design Boutique moved to Austin, Texas in September of 2013! Inspired by moving back to the Western US, I’ve created a line of six SIGNATURE fragrance blends, unique to Spoiled Cowgirl by MDB. This collection is the first of my state-themed collections. Presenting the “Lonestar” collection: Mellow Rose, Spicewood, Saddle & Rope, Agave Lime, Citrus & Pepper Sprout, Campfire Coffee. I’ll be releasing these fragrances at Spoiled Cowgirl by MDB as part of the MDB 7th Anniversary! Perfect, right?


Good Taste Required:

    Remember that MDB shops WELCOME custom requests. For fragrances, sizes, shapes, products, gift sets, packaging requirements (remember my custom birthday gift for Chelsea Handler?)…and I have yet to turn one down. I love working with you to achieve whatever challenge you bring (be reasonable, I make candles and bath/body products, not miracles). Always feel welcome to email me, Melissa, at info@mdesignboutique.com or click here to make your request. You’ll hear back within 48 hours, on the sooner-than-later side.

Touchy Feely: 

    M Design Boutique is rounding the corner to an exciting anniversary. February 1, 2007 was my first website debut. That means that in a couple of weeks MDB will be SEVEN YEARS OLD! Since that first roll-out, I’ve opened three additional MDB sister shops focusing on various areas of specialty.

The first, MDB Weddings & Events was born out of the tremendous success of MDB favor candles. MDB W&E is now a 5-star Etsy shop shipping favors and gifts worldwide!


    In June of 2011, I opened Spoiled Cowgirl by MDB, a bath & body shop with a Western flair. Be sure to watch Spoiled Cowgirl’s facebook page for some big fun nearing the MDB anniversary.

The third “spin-off” shop came in 2013 with the addition and befittingly HUGE customer reaction to my GIANT candles. Enter: Great Big Candles by MDB (See here on my YouTube Channel what started the madness).


Over the six years of serving all kinds of awesome customers, I’ve just been so fortunate. The support from my family, the creativity of my customers and the love of what I do make my work life pretty darned perfecto. So thank you all. Please keep bringin’ it, and I’ll be here for you.

Have a healthy and prosperous 2014, filled with fun, friends, family and fragrance!

Happy New Year! The first of the fresh action in M Design Boutique this year is a giant new crop of fragrances.

This is a no-frills type of list for you…and take a deep breath because there are around 160 new ones this time around. I’ll be adding these to the fragrance page shortly!

Chai/Tea/Coffee: Pumpkin Honey Chai, Chai Tea, Sweet Vanilla Chai, Hazelnut Coffee, Mint Mango Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Cappuccino Brulee

Baked Treats: Pecan Pie, Lemon Poppyseed, Cinnamon Buttercream, Pie Crust, Raspberry Cream Cupcake, Red Velvet Cake, Salt Caramel, Vanilla Wafer, White Chocolate, Butterscotch, Vanilla Maple Pecan, Chocolate Fudge, Strudel & Spice

Nutty/Spicy: Almond, Vanilla Hazelnut, Vanilla Sandalwood, Sweet Pipe Tobacco, Spice Market, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, Patchouli

Honey Fragrances: Honey, Nectarine & Honey, Wild Mountain Honey, Honey Vanilla, Honeycomb

Winter/Holiday: Winter Wonderland, Cinnamon Stick, Holiday Candy, Snowflake, Cloved Orange, Spiced Sugar Plum, Candy Cane, Frankincense & Myrrh, Peppermint Fluff, Bayberry, Winter Garden, Cranberry Apple Marmalade
Cranberry Marmalade

Fall: Nag Champa, Woodland Elves, Crackling Firewood, Cornucopia, Frosted Pumpkin, Candy Apple, Apple & Clove, Witches Brew, Harvest

Woods: Polynesian Teakwood, Caribbean Teakwood, Cashmere Woods, Hinoki Wood, Oakmoss, Oakmoss & Amber, Asian Amber, Ylang & Amber, Driftwood, Silver Fir, Bamboo & White Grapefruit, Bamboo & Hemp, Verbena Bamboo, Himalayan Bamboo

Ginger Blends: Ginger Peach, White Ginger Spice, Orange Ginger, Ginger Lime, White Tea & Ginger, Ginger & Amber

Clean Non-tropical & Light: Sweet Cotton, Wedding Day, Easter Basket, Relaxation (EO & FO), Clean Cotton, Wine & Roses

Magical Realms: Dragon’s Blood, Pixie Dust, Wicked, Witching Hour, Carmel Apple

Cucumber: Cucumber Melon, Cucumber, Cucumber Mint

Citrus/Fruit/Tropical: Orange, Lemon, Lemon Twist, Lemon Meringue, Grapefruit, Juicy Lime, Cool Citrus Basil, Pina Colada, Pineapple, Passionfruit & Guava, Coconut Milk, Fruit Slices, Melon Punch, Kalihari Melon, Honeydew Pear, Nectarine Mint, Kiwi, Strawberry Fields, Wild Huckleberries, Black Cherry Bomb, Georgia Peach, Blackberry, Pear Glace, Plumberry, Pomegranate, Tangerine Lemongrass, Kiwi & Lemongrass, Green Tea & Lemongrass, Blackberry Sage, Sage & Citrus, Casaba Mist, Mediterranean Fig, Coconut Hibiscus, Pineapple Orchid

Sweets: Jolly Rancher, Bubble Gum ,Lollipop Swirl, Wild Cherry, Dreamsicle, Cotton Candy

Sea, Storms & Stars: Beneath the Stars, Lunar Eclipse, Mountain Lake ,Stormwatch, Twilight in the Woods, Starlight, Hunter’s Moon, Harvest Moon, Tuscan Nights, Ocean, Hydrogen, Ocean Rain, Sea Mist, Sea Dreams, Celestial Sea, Rain Water, Sand & Sea, Cactus & Sea Salt, Citrus & Sea Salt

Floral/Botanical/Garden: Country Garden, English Garden, Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Pea, Mediterranian Silk, Somali Rose, Island Orchid, Peony, Cherry Blossom, Chamomile, Tulip, Honeysuckle, Lavender Chamomile, Lilac, White Blossoms, Pink Magnolia

As always, I welcome requests for any fragrance you don’t see on my list. This post is new fragrances for 2014, and does not represent a full list of what is available for your custom order. I’m always adding and testing new fragrances, but rarely have time to do a full fragrance update, so please do let me know what you’d like to see made available in M Design Boutique.

Happy New Year from M Design Boutique,


I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season. Now that the Christmas rush is behind us, we can all take a breath and regroup for the coming New Year. Each year at this point I am ready to look back and see what worked in my shops and what needs to be changed up a bit. You’ll see the results of my analysis over the month of January as I clean house and get things spruced up for another great year at M Design Boutique.

While combing through my year’s worth of photos, I came across some that I felt like sharing here. Some are snapshots of behind-the-scenes, and some are quick snaps before a photoshoot took place. Some are just favorites. So please enjoy this archive of lovelies from the M Design Boutique vault!


Instagram shot I took of candles on my Christmas dinner table. Follow me on instagram! “spoiledcowgirlmelissa”

Hand-dipped Beeswax Taper Candles

Hand-dipped Beeswax Taper Candles

Coffee & Oats Soap

Mountain Man Soap – Click the Pic to see me cut these bars on YouTube!


Great Big Candles by M Design Boutique! My latest break-out shop. Click the Pic to go see the shop.


Snapshot of the newest soap currently curing! Coming Soon!


A customer sent this photo of a Great Big Candle by M Design Boutique. Feel free to send customer photos to info@mdesignboutique.com or share on http://www.facebook.com/mdesignboutique


This was my first crack at cold process soap wedding favors! It went so well that the bride had me do her baby shower favors too!


Lovely ladies from Luniac Glamour in East Greenwich, Rhode Island celebrating their business birthday with a 30+ pound Great Big Candle by M Design Boutique!


My family moved this year to Austin, TX. This candle was inspired by my dreams of moving back to the West, where I am originally from.

There are many more to share, but I’ll save the favor candle photo faves for another post. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the photos! Have a happy and safe new year’s celebration and a healthy and prosperous new year in 2014

Making and displaying Clove Oranges is one of my favorite traditions during the holiday season at my house. The project goes day by day so that my fingers don’t get sore…but also to draw the interest of anyone who lives or comes into my home during the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


If you walk by the bowl of oranges and the cup of cloves, it is a little bit irresistible to grab an orange and start poking some cloves into it! This ties in to the original (by some accounts) purpose of the cloved orange — that is to hand a cloved orange to someone you’d like to meet. When I’m baking in the kitchen, I like to place the bowls of cloves and oranges in front of anyone who happens in to the kitchen so that we both have something to do while we chat.


There are lots of fun little bits of info about the cloved orange throughout history, but the tradition came to me via my Scandinavian roots. So…such is my perspective and sense of purpose for the cloved orange at Christmas in my home. And true to another purpose they’ve always served…they smell divine. Naturally, I make Clove Orange candles at this time of year in M Design Boutique. Aaaaaah, I just love a good inspiration for my work.


This year my Mom visited during the first week or so of December. If you know me, you probably know that I credit my mom for a whole lot of my creative life. My childhood was spent making all kinds of things. She still makes the most gorgeous handmade wares in many many forms. Living in different parts of the country makes our visits a frenzy of catching up while we crank out a thousand and one projects. Cooking, baking, trips to the craft store, supposing, measuring, sharing techniques and of course this holiday visit…making clove oranges. The photos in this post, in fact,  are from our handywork thus far for Christmas season 2013.

A little tip/trick for making your Clove Oranges easy and pain-free (cloves can be prickly and after pushing a bunch in your fingers get a little raw and sore)  is to use Clementines or Cuties because the skin is easier to permeate. It is also easy and fast to finish each orange. That keeps the project a little lighter for working on between batches of cookies, or for visitors to your kitchen.

Notice in my photos that while the traditional clove orange is filled with evenly spaced cloves, it is fun to make shapes, letters or other patterns. Everyone can express their own style! In the last photo I’ve placed my Rosenmunnar (Swedish Red Center Cookies) in front of my oranges. The bright fresh fruit makes such an unexpected twist on a holiday display. Next year, I will try wrapping ribbon around these and hanging some on my Christmas tree. If I visit you during this time of year, you can bet I will bring one for you!



M Design Boutique creates private event labels all the time, and so what could be a more natural extension of these custom design offerings than to offer private label products for stores, events and other promotions?

Actually, MDB started offering these services awhile ago to local businesses, and it is exciting to be able to bring it to all customers.

Here Are The Basics:

The items purchased will be private labeled (design is included in cost of each minimum order) with product name, logo description, and any other agreed upon elements.

Signature fragrance design is included in your service based on your location, customer preferences or any other consideration required.

The inside of each product package will contain manufacturer’s (M Design Boutique) legally required identification info. This will be of minimal branding, so as not to disrupt overall design of private label.

Upon delivery of your order, you will be provided with a basic list of retail selling points.

Please do not hesitate to request custom packaging for gift sets, custom sizes, or any other product variation that you believe will speak to your customers. I am a graphic designer with product design expertise. Together we can identify custom products to delight your customers.

The most common private label product by M Design Boutique is the two ounce travel candle, contained in a tin with private label on the top/lid.

Tins are brushed silver with beveled lid.
Wax is 100% long-burning premium soy, creamy white in color.
Wicks are 100% cotton for clean-burning.

Per product minimum = 20 pieces per fragrance and/or label design.

Please request custom pricing at info@mdesignboutique.com or fill out this form:

Suggested retail price of single candle is $5-$8 depending on your price points, location, customer base, profit requirement per piece. You may determine your retail price within the suggested range based on your customer.

Contact Melissa Machowski at info@mdesignboutique.com to place your custom private label order, or to discuss your needs in more detail.


M Design Boutique relocated (for the most part) to Austin, Texas!


Here’s the skinny on the whole enchilada (yes…Mexican food is back in my life in a big, awesome way):

Following the professional opportunities and dreams of my husband, (who conversely supports my endeavors with M Design Boutique) we have made the big move from the smallest state in the US, to one of the biggest!

Skipping all the gory details of a cross-country move, I’ll get right to the point: M Design Boutique kept up production in RI through the final days. In fact, the studio kept on running until days before we piled into the car and drove three 650+ miles each day with cat and dog, mini-studio set-up and our uprooted selves. And guess what? We arrived Sunday in Austin and I’ve already got the studio revved up and ready to make-do with the first orders that MUST go out. It is just plain awesome being a fairly mobile business, especially since my husband works in the ever-evolving world of cutting edge technology. We make a darn good team.

All I ask of you, dear reader, is that you wish us a whole heapin’ helpin’ of good mojo here in Austin! We’ve been through a lot over the last 6 years and we’re hoping to hang up a lucky horseshoe over our door to bring on the turn of the tides.

M Design Boutique will be working a little bit bi-coastal for awhile, so those of you on the East Coast…you’ll be seeing me here and there over the next six months or so. You can’t shake me!

Thanks to all of my customers, friends, family and fans (not in any particular order) for the amazing gift of living my dreams each day. As always, bug me for something super custom. I love making something just for YOU!



She is ancient, powerful and among the most famous of statues. This is the lovely goddess of fertility in candle form. Email info@mdesignboutique.com if you want me to make her for you. Blessings!

New fragrance oils are showing up in the next day or two here!!! I’ll be testing for @M Design Boutique’s fragrance menu. One of my favorite perks of this job!

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